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Spontaneous letters & e-mails from you- the listeners (used with permission)

"....I have been playing your CD continually. Your expression of love is so clear in your music; there isn't one selection that doesn't touch my heart. I am so moved."
-C.L., RI

"... I've been listening to How Do You Find God for the last 2 hours and I need to tell you......It is a masterpiece. You have caught the place where Soul shows up in our lives. I'll never get used to it. I'm thrilled each time. How in the world did you catch that exquisite moment? Songwriter extraordinaire, you are."
-B.A., CT.

"Your new CD has held me in an ecstatic state for the last several days. Thank you so much for such awesome music!!!"
-M.S., MN

"'s terrific! I love the album! Especially, the piano playing and the solo guitar work and the general production!! Several of the tunes could easily fit into the Country Music popular playlist;...I have wanted to tell you how much this album has touched me; at first I listened to it non-stop for over a week. Now I'm down to two or three times a week -- but I never tire of it."
-R.M., MN

"Your music is so wonderful! I just love the sound of your voice. When I hear you sing it sounds like you are saying "I love you." Then when I concentrate, I can hear the words talking about dreams and nature and dancing and love. And I know the songs are often about love. But the love thing is in your voice. It is more than just the words..."
-M.G., Virginia

"I just want to tell you how much I love your new CD!! I gave one of them to my cousin, who is a "fan from afar". She LOVES your music, too! Will you be performing anywhere, anytime soon?? If so, could you PLEASE be sure to let me know the details. I will want to try to attend and bring an entourage of fans!"
-B.D., MA

"The power of your music is beyond description..."
-W.M., VA

"Just listened to one of the sample tracks on your CD. Beautiful! What a great voice and sound you have! I placed my order. Can't wait to get it. Hope you're having wild and incredible success with it."
-D.J., NH

"WOW!...Each song is packed with messages, insights and love. They all have such depth to them. I thank God for you. Keep it up! Your music has brightened and enlightened my world."
-L.W., VA

"My son gave me your new CD for my birthday and I just want to let you know how much I ENJOY it. Your voice is lovely and the lyrics are beautiful. If I had to pick my favorite I guess it would be " I Remember You". You have such a gift!"
-B.A.S., ME

"I received your CD - and I don't know how to express in words how wonderful it is! It is just great! We listen to it every day - & just get lost in it........It is one of our favorites now! You are so talented and have a wonderful voice- - thank you again for sharing it with us!"
-L.B., CT

"I just love [your CD]. Well done. You are so beautiful and the songs are so rich in every way....".
-D.S.K., Australia

"Give It All to the Fire is so meaningful in my life. I wish I had heard it sooner and heeded the wisdom."
V.W., VA

"Wow, Becky! Your voice, the accompaniment, the harmony - everything sounds SO BEAUTIFUL!!!...I won't be AT ALL surprised to see you big and famous someday!"
-L.H., MN

"Thank you for the sublime gift you share so gracefully. Hearing you this weekend re-kindled the fire of my love for life all over again."

"I just listened to your recording of How do you find God and was so moved. Your voice is soothing and reaching and your message, divine. I am grateful for your artistic expressions."

"I loved hearing you at the Concert on the Green. You’ve got what it takes to reach the top of Music Mountain!"
-L.M., NYC

"Every night I go to sleep with your CD playing. I’m not kidding!"
-J.D., ME

Press Reviews


Reprinted from: The Edge

Sound & Spirit CD Reviews by Don Strong

Becky Williams, "The Hero's Journey"

In her second CD of inviting, spiritually themed folk/pop songs, Becky Williams has the honor of being co-produced by her long-time folk/pop recording hero, Ferron. In a melodic storyteller's voice, singer/songwriter Becky Williams reminds us "it's all here inside of you... you can spend your whole life becoming or you can do what you came here to do...."

This is the "hero's journey," the "follow your own bliss" that Joseph Campbell spoke of. Williams takes Campbell's idea from the mythic realm into the everyday life challenges presented to us folk who still have business here to work through on Earth. William's "Click Your Ruby Heels" is a first-person, musical wake-up call to "just do it!" The song gently pulses like a bubbling brook, but with steel string and twanging guitars -- and all the while Williams' clear, clean voice skims gracefully across the musical ripples. Snug harmony vocals by Brenda Gillinson and Joy Cuming are glove-like in their warmth and musical comfort.

The bittersweet ballad "Give it All Up to the Fire" takes Williams' personal pain of having a love relationship die and transmutes it into the spiritual act of surrender. The rich, emotive cello playing of Jamie Sieber adds a classic sheen to the gently insistent hook. "Home" has the mellow country flavor of a travelin' song with dobro guitar, mandolin and a "night train" rhythm of brushes on snare drum. Just think "County Roads" with a mystic's message: "Could it be that it's really not so far / and there's no place we need to go to get where we already are?"

"Love is All There Is," reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell, is adapted from a poem attributed to 85-year-old Nadine Stair of Kentucky. It's sweet, wistful and rich like an ice cream cone eaten on a porch swing in late August. It's a great, heart-opening tune to slow down with when life gets too hectic. In another co-written song, "This Amazing Day," Williams borrows a wonderful chorus from an e.e. cummings poem. She sings her slow, achingly beautiful melody while matching cummings's joyful prayer of gratitude. Slowly winding skyward like a hawk in a mountain updraft, she sings, "i thank you god for most this amazing day: for the greenly leaping spirits of trees/ and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes."

Like her first release Dancing In The Mystery, singer/songwriter Becky Williams's new CD, Hero's Journey, is also a definite yes.



"Becky Williams is a rare combination of the qualities of minstrel, sage, muse and confidant. Her music never ceases to open my heart, free my soul, and inspire my mind to reach for endless new possibilities."
-Mike DeLuca
International Radio Personality, Author & lecturer

"Every workshop needs a transformative element -- the tornado that whisked Dorothy to Oz, the rabbit hole that took Alice to Wonderland, and, in Becky’s case, the voice that opens the heart."
-Richard Ridington
Workshop presenter, author & filmmaker

"Becky Williams has an incredibly beautiful voice -- along with being a talented musician & songwriter. But, you know, when you hear her perform in person, there’s something even more moving than her beautiful voice. It’s her connection with the audience... a connection that is so special, the only way I can describe it is, Profoundly Spiritual."
-Bryan Mattimore
Contributing Editor Success Magazine & author of 99% Inspiration

"Her sweet flowing style combines with the strength and clarity of her voice to produce a sound that sends you soaring."
-Larry Siegel
Producer, composer, performer

Reviews for "Dancing in the Mystery", CD & Tape

"With rhythm and harmonies reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell, and lilting lyrics and vocals that will soothe the savage beast in the worst of us, this bright young face on the folk scene shows much promise in this debut album. Listen and "surrender your weariness".
-Richard Orshoff
Producer of Jackson Browne's Saturate Before Using;
Poco's Legend

"It's been the longtime dream of many musicians to marry spiritual principles to accessible music in order to reach the ears of the uninitiated public. Precious few songwriters or songs have succeeded in reaching this rarefied point of balance between heaven and earth....With her debut CD, singer/songwriter Becky Williams musically touches the dream, cradles it in her arms, & lovingly brings it back for the rest of us to marvel at. Becky spins story-songs that gently touch the heart & spark the imagination. Backed by a fine, New England rhythm section, Dancing in the Mystery is a groundbreaking album of wonder & mystic delight."
-D. Alexander, THE EDGE

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